Thursday, August 5, 2010


So I didn't have internet yesterday, but it was okay because I didn't have class either. Apparently cancelling class on the first day is fine and conventional if you're from Buenos Aires. So I walked and walked all day and never went anywhere. I went to bed at 9:30 to confirm, yet again, to my host parents that I'm completely insane.

Today, despite the rain, we went to Tigre! although it is still a province of Buenos Aires, it was my first time leaving the city since I've been here! We took 3 trains to the end of their lines and then got off at a theme park. Because it's winter, it was closed. Practically everything there was closed, so we ended up going to a really expensive Parilla. However, it was super delicious and, coupled with the cute houses we had just blown by on the train, Katie and I have decided to definitely move to Tigre when we are rich enough to live in the middle of nowhere and train dogs. After the grand adventure of eating, we wandered around and looked at the ocean. Everything else was closed so we went and found the cheaper, less scenic train and fell asleep on the ride home.

Well, it's Thursday, which means free drinks for ladies night at my obviously favorite bar. Last time I made some interesting friends, so I am going to make a go of it again! Ciao!


  1. by favorite bar do you mean the gay bar??

  2. lol no i mean the one that costs $3 to get in and then is all-you-can-drink and has comfortable couches and lots of interesting people.