Saturday, September 25, 2010

Puerto Madero

Last night I went to a dance concert called Fuerza Bruta (I, know, it took me long enough Izzy). It was half a dance party and half really artistic dancing. It was fun, but kind of strange because I ran into 2 people I knew--one from my USAL class, but another girl from Smith! Who I didn't know was in Buenos Aires. It was kind of ridiculous, but also fun! Clearly Smithies are everywhere.

Today I went biking in Puerto Madero! We rented these super jankey bikes for ten pesos an hour. I'm still surprised we didn't die or get sunburned, but it was super fun! We took a lot of ridiculous pictures and a lot of us are sore. The weather was beautiful and I can't wait to go again! Today is Morgan's birthday, and we are going to eat ice cream at Faricci and then go drink wine at a bar. Super classy!!! Hopefully Leo/Daniel don't mind that we are singing.

If I haven't told you about Faricci before, it's this cafe where Andrea and I go nearly every day. In fact, I'm there right now! The coffee is kind of expensive, but Daniel (one of the waiters) gives us free ice cream when we go so it ends up balancing out. We think Leo is the owner, but we aren't really sure. We will probably find out soon because we talk to them so much. OK It is time for dinner! We are going to a Middle Eastern place I think. Last time we went to a Middle Eastern place, I talked the waiter into giving us free hummus. Hopefully it will happen again!!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Volver a vivir

We'll start with Wednesday. Per usual, I had philosophy. Afterwards Shuan and Andrea and I decided to try one of the places Claire suggested for lunch. However, after I got rather lost Shaun picked another place and we ended up eating there. It turned out to be the first place I ate empanadas here! Discussion section of Crime/Society was cancelled so lunch was long. However, eventually lecture rolled around. Because the buildings are still taken by the students, professors must have class outside in the parking lot, where all of the chairs were conveniently placed to demonstrate the taking of the building. We then had an hour-long conversation about whether or not it was appropriate to even have class during the demonstrations. It was a rough hour of my life, because the end result was still a waste of time. We all wrote down our email addresses, and the poor man was very confused as to how I could have an email address that didn't have any country abbreviation at the end.

Yesterday was IFSA-day! I had to register with the police at 10, and I'm no longer allowed to leave the country. That is, until I fill out the rest of my forms in a month. Then I had class and a meeting with my adviser. I made up some information about the readings I haven't done and scampered home. Then I had dinner with the director of the program at his super-swanky apartment in San Telmo. I met someone else who is staying for a year, and he offered me his seat on the Kayaking trip. It was super gracious and a great way to relax!!!!!

After the Kayaking, I got to see JORGE!!!! It was amazing. I'm sure I died of happiness every time I realized I was singing along with real-life Jorge and 3,000 other people that also loved Jorge and not just myself alone in the car with a recorded version. My friend and I were sure we were the only Americans in the theater, but it just made us feel slightly cooler.

Ok so this was actually a really old entry and now I'll write one for today.

Friday, September 3, 2010


So on Wednesday I tried to go to class at UBA. I walked into the building, and the entrance was filled with chairs. (none of the chairs in UBA match, adding to the look of chaos.) I climbed over them and the desk in front of the stairs to the first floor, which was also filled with chairs. I finally took my chances and asked a guy wearing a North Face what was going on. (This is generally a good indicator that they are American, but not always!) He said, literally "we [the students] have taken the building! so you probably don't have class." And then told me to go ask downstairs to make sure. The guys downstairs told me to check back later. Since I had no idea what to do, I sat in the sea of chairs and read the literature they gave me.

The paper said that a pane of glass had fallen in this particular building (I go to CeSos/MT, whichever you prefer.) So the students were/are (it's still happening) protesting for safer, newer buildings. Since I am useless/didn't know what to do with all this free time, I decided to sit there until I saw someone I recognized and would stop them and ask them for direction. Finally 1 of the 2 other American girls showed up, and I stopped her from going into the classroom and we awkwardly chatted about what to do. Finally we recognized these two guys from class and waylaid them to see what they were planning on doing. They were making a bee-line for the door, but one of them decided to stay and talk to us! So he is on a soccer team and hopefully we will go see him play sometime! HOWEVER, on Tuesday I am going to the friendly Argentina V. Spain match! I am super excited and it should be a smashingly good time. I am going to 2 other concerts this month as well! Apparently I am spending all of my money on tickets to things I never thought I'd even get the chance to buy tickets for. Y'all should have jealousy pouring out of the jealousy pouring out of your pores.