Tuesday, August 3, 2010

First Day of Class!

Despite being sick of posting already, I figured I should start writing about current times as soon as possible so as to not let everything build up.

So today was my first day of class! It was at USAL, or the University of the Savior. My class was at 8am and I was fairly convinced that I was going to sleep through it. However, I woke up and was walking by 7! Since I had no idea where it was and figured it would be a bad day to be late.

And I wasn't! By roughly a half-hour, so I just circled the block a couple times until I saw other students go in. Then the security guard and I tried to figure out what classroom I was in. We got it wrong and I had a super-awkward conversation with this guy who kicked me out of the room. I
ran into a Korean exchange student, and we awkwardly talked about being lost. Then she helped me find this woman with a large binder who knew where the class REALLY was. The Korean girl and I kissed each other goodbye and I went and sat awkwardly in the classroom.

There were 2 other exchange students there! But the other 7 students already knew each other, so we stood out like black sheep caught on fire. The professor asked us to list what authors we liked from Latin American literature, and I just told her I'd never read anything in Spanish. So she thinks I'm illiterate. But the other kids in the class were very nice! They took us photocopying and will probably make adapting to the class a ton easier than they could. I got lost on the way home, but that's to be expected.

Afterwards, I went out with Morgan and Andrea and Katy to Avenida Florida to find the IFSA office and go shopping. Both of which were a fail, but we did find a Milka Cafe and got really cheap submarinos!

Submarinos are the coolest drink ever. They are a cup of really hot milk, and are served with a chocolate bar. You drop the chocolate bar into the milk and stir furiously, so the chocolate melts and you are left with hot chocolate! Sometimes the bar of chocolate comes in the shape of a submarine. We took the Subte home and I registered for my UBA classes! It was, overall, successful!!!

So I'll tell you more tomorrow?

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