Saturday, August 7, 2010

Jardin Japonesa

At the urging of our beloved hanchan, I'll make this post, but it'll be fast. Today we went to the Jardin Japonesa after a lunch of salami sandwiches, which are surprisingly/luckily popular here. We had to pay in cash, but that is always acceptable.

Then we went to the Japanese garden and walked around and made fun of all of the couples who are accidentally in our pictures. The PDA here is really intense--it's not that it's bad, it's just taking some time to get used to.

Now, because it's Saturday and my host family isn't required to feed me, I'm going to go eat cheap Chinese food from this lady whose Spanish is so heavily accented she could be saying practically anything. It's about 20$ a person, which is roughly $5. AMAZING, I know. Then we're going to go to a gay bar maybe. If we can find one we like, and we're bad at making decisions. So it might end up being another night of ice cream? Which I'm never against.

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