Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Peruvian Christmas!

OK so I have to wait for Andrea to come home since I don´t have a key to the house.

Christmas was a couple days ago, and still super exciting. We didn´t open presents or eat until midnight on the 24th. To tide us over we ate cookies and drank Whisky and lit sparklers in the living room, which turned out safer than it sounds. Shaun and I joked around with the little kids until they fell asleep and then we made friends with the cousins Andrea didn´t know.

finally midnight came and all these other family came rushing into the room and suddenly everyone had to hug and kiss each other and it was such a flurry of activity and happiness and everyone had been drinking slightly and it was super fun and amazing!!! then we had to sit down while select people served plates of turkey and applesauce and served everyone else. After eating as fast as possible, we opened presents. Andrea´s family got me a present! it was super exciting. Then we danced Cumbia for way too long and at about 2 we drank hot chocolate and went screaming home so we could sleep. the next day we spent eating leftover turkey, and Shaun made a novela out of Barbies. it was fun!

I will update you about New Years soon! I bought my yellow underwear today!!!


  1. That all sounds SO FUN!! Yum applesauce, yay family and new friends. I can't believe you danced cumbia haha :)

    Miss you! Glad you're having super exciting times!

  2. AAAHHHH I MISS YOU TOO!!! I hope you are having super fun times in our original stomping grounds!!!