Thursday, December 2, 2010


In the flurry of papering, I forgot to write about Uruguay part 2.

Colonia was pretty much everyone pretending they didn´t have large amounts of essays waiting for them in Buenos Aires. As such, everyone tried extra hard to be calm and just enjoy life. Colonia, it turned out, was the perfect place to do such a thing. There are very few permanent residents there--everyone is a tourist. They accepted Pesos of every kind and even Dollars even at the most hole-in-the-wall places. It had cobblestone roads and flowers everywhere. I would move there in an instant if I had the money and a job that let me work remotely.

for Thanksgiving, we went to Mario´s house. He owns a bed-and-breakfast in a lemon orchard and we all ate ourselves silly. A lot of people went swimming, but I just sat around and enjoyed the, as we call it at camp, nature. He even had pumkin pie! Which was super exciting and better than I expected. I want to get married there. With the large tent and wads of happy people, it felt a lot like a wedding. Also, the weather was incredible. We couldn´t have asked for a sunnier day or a gentler breeze. It definitely didn´t feel like Thanksgiving, but it´s fun to break with tradition now and again!

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