Friday, January 28, 2011

One Month!

So apparently you don't get to hear about how most of my January went. Not having loads of free time on the internet makes certain things fall by the wayside. AKA blogging. But yesterday was the one-month-left mark and I figured I should tell you guys I'm alive.

I just finished my first week of work about 50 minutes! It consisted of me sitting in an office and googling malt. Needless to say, I was getting rather fidgety and I'm ready to see other humans.

Luckily I have made one whole friend!!! Her name is Lady and she is my boss' sister. She also loves Korea and reminds me so much of Andrea that I occasionally speak to her in English.

I am a queen of Peruvian buses now! I was a little afraid of them in Buenos Aires, and totally survived on the subway alone, but here that wasn´t an option and I feel like I´ve risen to the occasion.

I don´t know what else to tell you!!! My life here is actually pretty boring, in the best sort of way. I´m not sure if I´m ready to go back to Argentina, but soon I won´t have much choice!

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