Friday, February 11, 2011

15 days to go!

i know you´re all curious about lima, but i don´t know what to say about it. here´s my average day:
7:30 wake up and get ready for life.
8 eat breakfast, usually a smoothie and coffee and cookies, with Luky and Otto.
8:15-30 leave for work and walk to where i like to get the bus*.
9:30ish get to work
1-3pm eat lunch with/get made fun of by Alejandro and Marta**.
5 get back on the bus
6 get home, take a nap.
8 eat lonche***/some absurd amount of food that Luky seems to think is appropriate.
then i watch gossip girl until i fall asleep.

this is why i have so little to blog about.

*this is probably the most exciting part of my day. since there are no bus stops, i stand next to a speed bump because they have to slow down anyway. Every day a bus is leaving just as I get there, and when they finally do stop they are usually full enough that I have to stand. A bit after I get on they get wildly full and I´m usually touching about 5 people who smell varying levels of good. We all stare awkwardly at each other and wish everyone else would just get off already. Without traffic it´s a 15-minute ride, but at 9am there are 2 major road hurdles to overcome. luckily there are usually enough seats by the time we get to them, and we wait for the traffic lady (no, it´s not a stop light.) to get sick of how intensely we honk and let us go. sometimes i get out early and walk.

**i don´t know if alejandro is related to the family, but he lives in the building i work in and runs a massage therapy practice. my friend´s dad, Raúl, lives upstairs and runs a hypno-therapy practice. Raúl and Alejandro don´t seem to like each other at all and both get upset when I say I´ve been talking to the other one. Alejandro likes to hit on me, which is fun but I´m afraid to go do any of the many things he suggests because he´s rather old to be my first boyfriend--he has children that have children who know who JBeebs is, and also he´s 60.

***lonche is usually a cup of coffee and a piece of bread, but luky usually serves me a piece of chicken with a plate full of rice and beans. i´m not sure how i eat it all, and some nights i can´t.

PS i made you guys a google map of my adventures in this lovely city. i´ll try to keep updating it; enjoy!,-77.037635&spn=0.031054,0.038581&t=h&z=15

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