Saturday, September 25, 2010

Puerto Madero

Last night I went to a dance concert called Fuerza Bruta (I, know, it took me long enough Izzy). It was half a dance party and half really artistic dancing. It was fun, but kind of strange because I ran into 2 people I knew--one from my USAL class, but another girl from Smith! Who I didn't know was in Buenos Aires. It was kind of ridiculous, but also fun! Clearly Smithies are everywhere.

Today I went biking in Puerto Madero! We rented these super jankey bikes for ten pesos an hour. I'm still surprised we didn't die or get sunburned, but it was super fun! We took a lot of ridiculous pictures and a lot of us are sore. The weather was beautiful and I can't wait to go again! Today is Morgan's birthday, and we are going to eat ice cream at Faricci and then go drink wine at a bar. Super classy!!! Hopefully Leo/Daniel don't mind that we are singing.

If I haven't told you about Faricci before, it's this cafe where Andrea and I go nearly every day. In fact, I'm there right now! The coffee is kind of expensive, but Daniel (one of the waiters) gives us free ice cream when we go so it ends up balancing out. We think Leo is the owner, but we aren't really sure. We will probably find out soon because we talk to them so much. OK It is time for dinner! We are going to a Middle Eastern place I think. Last time we went to a Middle Eastern place, I talked the waiter into giving us free hummus. Hopefully it will happen again!!!

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