Friday, September 3, 2010


So on Wednesday I tried to go to class at UBA. I walked into the building, and the entrance was filled with chairs. (none of the chairs in UBA match, adding to the look of chaos.) I climbed over them and the desk in front of the stairs to the first floor, which was also filled with chairs. I finally took my chances and asked a guy wearing a North Face what was going on. (This is generally a good indicator that they are American, but not always!) He said, literally "we [the students] have taken the building! so you probably don't have class." And then told me to go ask downstairs to make sure. The guys downstairs told me to check back later. Since I had no idea what to do, I sat in the sea of chairs and read the literature they gave me.

The paper said that a pane of glass had fallen in this particular building (I go to CeSos/MT, whichever you prefer.) So the students were/are (it's still happening) protesting for safer, newer buildings. Since I am useless/didn't know what to do with all this free time, I decided to sit there until I saw someone I recognized and would stop them and ask them for direction. Finally 1 of the 2 other American girls showed up, and I stopped her from going into the classroom and we awkwardly chatted about what to do. Finally we recognized these two guys from class and waylaid them to see what they were planning on doing. They were making a bee-line for the door, but one of them decided to stay and talk to us! So he is on a soccer team and hopefully we will go see him play sometime! HOWEVER, on Tuesday I am going to the friendly Argentina V. Spain match! I am super excited and it should be a smashingly good time. I am going to 2 other concerts this month as well! Apparently I am spending all of my money on tickets to things I never thought I'd even get the chance to buy tickets for. Y'all should have jealousy pouring out of the jealousy pouring out of your pores.

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  1. You're funny.
    I just noticed that your "blogs i read" section is called "people i creep on." ¡Me da mucha risa! And I'm especially glad to be an object of your creeping...??? Ok that was creepy. I should stop writing now and read some effing "boquitas pintadas"