Monday, November 8, 2010

Things I've Learned

I've got 30 more days until I go to Lima, but I'd still like to relfect on this now that I'm officially Argentine (until January which means I can't fly back to BsAs on a discount ticket. lame.) I'll probably do this more again later, but w/e. The more cheesy, the better!

1. It's okay to imitate people. They generally don't call you on it.
2. Don't follow people you don't know to the bathroom when they ask you there.
3. When someone says "tengo que decirte una cosa"(I have one thing to tell you) it's never something you want to hear.
4. When in doubt, get in line.
4.5. Ask everyone around you in line plus the person creating the line what the line is for and if you're supposed to be in it.
6. North =/= up
7. There is no name that is easy for everyone to say.
8. Even if you don't know what it is, you probably won't die if you eat it.
9. Being afraid to ask is a waste of time.
9.5. Asking official-looking people things in a foreign language is both twice as terrifying and half as hard.
10. Sometimes it's okay to pretend I don't speak Spanish.
11. You can never have enough underwear.
12. It's okay to spend money on things that you want.
13. Only say no to the people selling things on the street.
14. Carrying water is an excellent idea. So are mints.
15. If you don't have it, you can usually buy it.
16. Even 30-year-old Argentines know who Justin Bieber is.
17. Despite what Smith thinks, 5:30 is not an appropriate time for dinner.
18. Americans are dumb, and we make good use of it.
19. If the question is "do you have change?" the answer is ALWAYS no.
20. When crossing the street, cross when no cars will hit you, not according to the light.
20.2. When in doubt, follow a mother with children. At least if you die you'll end up on the news.
21. Never tell anyone from outside your country that politics are complicated.
22. School has nothing at all to do with real life. We students blow it out of proportion.
23. Sometimes you have to use people that are using you.
24. Pretending you are drunk is cheaper and easier to control than actually drinking
25. Drinking beer is a life skill and you shouldn't be friends with anyone that doesn't do it without good reason.
26. Don't bring anything you don't want to lose.
27. These lists are super hard to do and please don't hold me to most of what I have said.
29. Make eye contact with people! Just not for too long.
30. People that complain about Americans are just people that don't know how to have fun.

omg this got super cheesy. sorry! I am just watching all of my friends wrap up their adventures and it's starting to freak me out.


  1. My moment-by-moment thoughts:
    4 – haha
    5 – does not exist.
    7 – i would argue that “isa” is pretty choice.
    9 – so true!! i've wasted (and continue to waste) so much time this way!!
    11 – i’m buying fifty more pairs when i go home.
    12 – good job, personal growth :)
    16 – excellent.
    17 – I KNOW. Vassar too. Ugh.
    20.2 – why is this .2?
    24 – i practice this regularly. it’s great.
    25 – i’m confused. is the befriending without good reason or the beer drinking without good reason?
    28 – you skipped 28.
    29 – such a fun game!


    love, isa

  2. Are you going back to America already, WHAT. I'm confused! I wanna visit! Plane tickets should be free!