Thursday, November 18, 2010

Philsophy Final

Little note: I can now no longer spell things in English--especially words that I frequently write in Spanish. Such as filosofy/philosophy or delinquent/delincuent.

So I rush into my classroom at like 9:01. Argentine classes start like 15 minutes late, so I figured, even for the final exam, I'd be okay. I run in, and there is absolutely nobody in the room. Finally a guy I didn't recognize came in, and I asked him if I was wrong. Which I was. I saw a guy in my class and creepily followed him until he lead me to the group of people in our class, standing outside of a room, taking roll. They went over it several times, but there was a lot going on so when I wasn't called I figured I was just dumb and asked them to see the list. I wasn't on it so they sent me to the office to discuss it with them.

The office ladies spent a long time asking me what class I was taking and where I was from. Finally one of them told me that the semester ended for foreigners on the 6th and that I was either not going to get a grade or I already had one, because we were supposed to make arrangements to take the test earlier. They told me I'd need to talk to the foreign student office and I tried not to cry. I went to say goodbye to my professor, but figured I should ask him about the form anyway. He hadn't realized it was for my final grade and was really nice to me about messing up. So I didn't have to take the test!

In other news, not including the trips I'm taking and the awkard 20-hour period in-between one trip and leaving for good, I have ten days left in BsAs. I am FREAKING OUT.

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